September 4th, 2007

tea time


G'day Korea called Mel today and they emailed her a contract.I don't know exactly what it means yet but so far so good. If she gets offered jobs from both G'day and Nova she will go with whomever offers her the best contract... which means best for housing, medical insurance, travel expenses, and teaching support.. and MONEY.. (she made me add that). I thought it was a given. Anyway.. I am excited to see what Nova says and has to offer. They are the Japanese teaching company and I really like their website. I found a guys journal who taught in Japan for 2 years and it's really interesting. I am going to make Mel read it when she gets some free time. I think its good information for anyone going there for the first time and especially anyone who will be teaching English there. The G'day company actually suggested to her that she could go at the end of September but she said no way not so soon. She has to finish out the football season, and our one year anniversary dammit. :)

Ok, it is late. Cuddles and dreams of bento boxes.. i want to research more about these.
tea time

too much researching

most of my free time is spent reading about these sites to get information about Japan and Korea. I have found some not so flattering information about the NOVA company. That is a little disheartening as they seem to have their shit together.. time to suggest to Mel that she look at other sites if she wants a Japanese placement. EEK.
and i randomly found this guys journal who works with NOVA and is from Minneapolis. I read over a year of his stuff and he doesn't like the company and that is sad. They have been in the news in a not so flattering way. eek.
I need to take a few days off of reading this stuff. I can't sleep, I feel so anxious all the time.