BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

hire me

It's time to start working. I have been 'unemployed' for exactly 11 days and the brain is about to explode. Tristia and I haven't had 5 minutes apart from one another - literally - since we arrived. It's time for something to do. I have to wait until the beginning of this week to know what SSA will do about me. they say I should be transferring as an associate/assistant manager. WOOHOO. the job pays $2 more here than in Michigan. yippee, right? I just want to know what's going on or if I should continue lookin in other places. Tristia is workin for Uncle Craig this week doing calls - he owns a research company. So, she'll be making money and I'll be lookin for volunteer work. We are going to go to District 202 and find something to do. I need to get back in touch with Planned Parenthood about things to do as well.. I must get busy. Freakin schools here are SO expensive, but I don't care. I just want to get in somewhere for next Spring. For now I'm content working and learning my way around this community. Everything is so larger than life is insane. I feel like I'll never know what the difference is in St. Paul and Minneapolis except you take 35W to MN and 35E to St. Paul.. at least I think I got that right. lol. It's funny. the condo is lookin nice, I want to get some furniture in there and I will feel more at home. I feel like sleepin all the time b/c there is nothing else to do but I can't really sleep. I feel uncomfortable and out of my element. I'm reading all the time.First I read 'Digging to America'.  It wasn't what I was expecting but I enjoyed it none the less.I just read this amazing book called 'Surviving Auswitch' that was given to me by Mindy. It was amazing, just wow. A true account of one prisoner's year in a concentration camp. I'm reading another young adult book now and then to 'This Much I know is True'. I've read it before but I need to read it again. Then I will have read all my books. I need to get She's Come Undone and read it again as well. I'm trying to talk Megan into mailin it to me. hhahaha.
I guess it's time to go now. We officially get internet on  Wednesday. I'm excited to be able to get online whenever I want. I need to chat. I hate spending hours catching up when I could just check it each day. lol.
hope everyone is safe and happy wherever you are!

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