February 27th, 2008

tea time

icky germs

I think I have the flu, for the first time in my life. I didn't go to school today or even leave the comforts of my home. I missed a test and probably some vital information, which truly does suck. I just couldn't get myself to do anything this morning. I should have been getting up and being motivated but instead I lay here and watched tv all day, so bad of me I know. It was a disaster. Tristia came over and made me dinner and we watched tv together lol. Some of the friends I hung out with the other are sick, too. So, looks like we are all gonna be feeling crappy for a week or more. I don't want to go to work when I feel like this because  I am SO unproductive. BUT we've gotten ourself into the same shitty situation where we only have employees that can work certain shifts.. so there isn't  a flexible person to work when someone calls in. It fucking blows. I hate not being able to take me time. I am going to a Lobby Day for Homelessness tomorrow at our state capitol. It is only ten minutes from my house but I've yet to go there. So, I am really looking forward to touring the capitol and possibly meeting some people. Even though I feel like death, this is important so I will do it. I have a test in History that I didn't read for, so I won't do so hot on that. I can't help it. I don't have the energy to read. boo.

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