April 22nd, 2008

tea time

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 I am so ready for the end of the semester!!!! 
I just declared my Criminal Justice minor to compliment my Sociology major. YAY for that. Now, I have to get to work on these stupid classes I need to take to finish. I'm so looking forward to not coming back to school for a few months. wooohooo! 

This time next month I will be in South Korea!! I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that. I've spent a lot of money on car issues lately and now am so broke. The extra funds I had are completely depleted. I have to save every penny just to pay the bills and have enough $$ to go. I'm debating going to Michigan in May because I might not be able to afford that since it's just a few days before I go to Korea. boo. I really hate money woes. An adventure lies ahead of me, one way or another! 

No exciting Mel news. She is lame and I am cool. the end.

Just felt like a random update. haha.