February 10th, 2009

tea time


I've been dreaming about the craziest things.. so I'm gonna put it out there so you can tell me your thoughts.

When I went to sleep Monday night I dreamed about vampires. This is probably because of what I was reading all last week. I woke up and was smiling and Cole asked what was wrong and I laughed at him and said nothing. Then I went back to sleep. When I woke up for the day, I was thinking that I was seeing for the first time. I felt a little disoriented but I had the distinct feeling that  I was alive, as if I'd not been before. I vaguely remembered the laughing thing and when Cole woke up he reminded me of it. I think when I was laughing, it was because I thought I was dead and realized I was alive and I was happy. I'm not sure but it was strange nonetheless.

I took a nap yesterday and I dreamed that two very strong men kidnapped me and took me to this dark room behind a pool hall. There was another girl there, also captive, and she was trying to tell me how to behave so  I wouldn't get in trouble. One guy left and the other stayed and he was hitting me and verbally abusive. The girl said this was nothing compared to what the other guy was going to do to me if I didn't behave. She was right. The other, much stronger, guy returned and was throwing me around. Literally, picking me up by my feet and throwing me into the walls and furniture. I was really glad to wake up from it.

This morning I woke up from a dream about coloring. I was shopping with Cole and I wanted to get a particular coloring book  but he wouldn't let me. It was on the top shelf so I had to stretch to reach it. Once I'd get one down he'd take it from me and I'd have to start all over. He was wanting to buy pink & beige pillows for our couch (i guess we lived together in dreamland). I took the pillows and used them as a stool to reach the coloring book. But they were all gone then. So I had no coloring book and a pissy boifriend because I ruined is ugly pillows.  tada. weird!

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