July 30th, 2009

tea time

Writer's Block: My Family's Future

What do you most want for your family’s future?
I want for my parents and stepparents to actually be able to retire before they work themselves to death. It seems simple but being from a lower middle class family... it doesn't always work that way. My mom works herself to death, as does my stepdad, just to pay their rent and necessities. They don't work for companies that offer them retirement or things like that. I hope that I can get a good paying job and be able to provide for my mom when she is older and can't work. I want my sister to actually use her degree and become a high school teacher and I want her kids to grow up knowing that there is life outside of the projects that they currently live in. I want my brothers to be good men and do what makes them happiest, whatever that may be. I want to finish school and settle down with my  partner and possibly have some children.

I want my entire family to grow closer as we get older, rather than drifting apart. I want more people to open their eyes to other peoples differences and stop seeing road  blocks when people are different from them. My family has so many barriers in communication simply because they don't want to accept one another because their situation/circumstances are different. It's family, gotta love them all!!