September 24th, 2009

tea time

Writer's Block: Would you want a do-over?

Given the choice, would you start this day over again? How about this month or this year?
I would GLADLY start this year over. If I could start it over, I'd have Cole move to Minnesota and I'd have continued school there. As long as I could find other employment, which shouldn't have been a problem, things would've been great for us. (minus the snow and cold) I like to think that if I hadn't started this moving frenzy this year I would still be settled and happy, with friends. This has been a really intense year for me with one thing after another falling apart and then trying to put it back together. If I was in Minnesota and still in college there, I would have insurance and I wouldn't have all the medical bills that I have now. I'm happy that Cole and I are living together and aren't doing the long distance thing anymore. I do have second thoughts about whether I should've been the one to move rather than him coming to me. At the time, all the signs said I should move so I went with that. Eh, we live and we learn right?

If I started this day over, I'd have gotten up early so that the dog didn't go pee on the floor. I wasn't impressed with that. Also, I'd have made my cramps go away so that I felt like going to class today. I didn't do anything great today because I started the day in a funky mood.