October 20th, 2009

tea time

Writer's Block: Ohhh, baby

If your best friend asked you OR your partner to help you conceive a child, would you consider it? How do you think it would affect your friendship and your relationship?

I don't think that I could conceive for a friend, it would be awkward. If my sister couldn't get pregnant and wanted more children, I would definitely surrogate for her though. If there were some random gay men out there who needed a surrogate, I'd do that too. I wouldn't want to be involved in the childs life most likely because I expect whomever my sperm donor is to have zero paternal rights to the child. I wouldn't want a family to always wonder that I was going to take their kid from them. I hope that there are some good hearted people out there who will indeed give me sperm without strings attached when I'm ready again. I have a feeling we'll end up adopting or going to a (pricey!) sperm bank though because our luck with donors we've happened across hasn't been so successful. If Cole wanted to donate some eggs to someone, I'd let him, but I doubt he'll want to do that. The hormone replacement has surpressed ovulation so he doesn't have any of that anymore (unless he goes off the testosterone).  I don't forsee him ever having any random children out there somewhere in the world.

I would also donate my eggs for money but I'm not the correct weight/body type that they accept. sad because I could use that money! lol