July 28th, 2011

tea time

Writer's Block: Crime pays

Do you think that criminals should be able to profit from selling their memoirs, after serving jail time?

Yes. Everyone should be able to make money and those who have served time have a much harder time finding paying jobs than the rest of us. It's unfair to say that folks who've spent time in jail shouldn't be entitled to tell their stories and survive on the proceeds.. even thrive on it. If you have served the appropriate sentence and have made retribution, everything should be behind you.

If we say that the answer is no, does that apply to folks who are sitting in jail waiting years for their court date? Let's say the person is declared not guilty, should they be denied the right to publicize their experience? One size doesn't fit all when it comes to "criminals". I think it sucks that folks would deny others the right to tell their story.

What's even worse - PEOPLE WILL BUY THE STORIES! No one could profit from a crime if the public didn't want to hear about it. I have never read a "true story" book by someone who was considered a "criminal". Why does anyone need to know what's going on in the mind and daily life of someone that they don't know, that's not relevant to their life experience? meh, I don't get it.