November 9th, 2012

tea time


I'm applying for Teach for America. I have a few teacher friends on here and I'm asking your opinions of this program. I've heard that traditionally trained teachers don't like, respect or welcome TFA teachers at their schools. There is the perception that TFA takes jobs from teachers who are struggling to remain employeed. From the areas I've looked at, there are teacher shortage being filled. It's not clear if teachers are laid off and then replaced with cheaper labor or not. But, knowing what I do of the economy, often people don't want to do a job if it's not in an ideal community or certain level of pay. I'm willing to work in a high crime area with, what I suspect, is low pay for most education degree teachers. I don't want to take jobs from more qualified people but I think this is a field I could grow in, perhaps make into a career.
Thoughts anyone?