November 15th, 2012

I dunno

Job Creation and Cows

Now that the election is all over with - people are STILL talking about job creating and the need for more jobs NOW. While I agree that people need to have jobs, what kind of jobs do we need to be creating? More manufacturing/factory jobs that are harmful to our bodies and to our environment? Do we need to be investing in construction of new housing facilities when the ones that we have are falling apart? Have you thought about the ways that job creation and animal waste affect the future of yourself and your environment? Probably not .. 

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The short version: try to buy local and try to expand your mind to think about all the things that we are wasting by not using them to their full potential. Try NOT BUYING anything until what you have is broken. No new cell phone until the current one doesn't work. No new tv until yours is not functional. How about furniture? If it isn't failing you, why replace it every year? We don't have to buy buy buy all the time!