April 29th, 2013

tea time


I went home at 1am, slept 5 hours and started the day all over again. Cole was up all night with mom at the hospital. I got here and he went home to sleep for 5 hours. Now we are both here. We have no energy but we have to advocate for her, because she is easily talked over or misunderstood (due to inability to speak at times). They keep pushing her to get all these tests and they involve her laying down, which she doesn't do. So we have to tell then to get a chair and stop trying to rush her around. She's old, show and sick! No marathon of moving her around. Grr


I'm emotionally and practically drained. I want to curl up in bed for the next few days. However, there is too much going on with work and hospital. Rest will come when we are all settled at home. I hope that is sooner rather than later.