August 29th, 2013

tea time


We drove 17hrs.
my eyes could barely focus to drive the last hour, but I did it. We made it here at 3am local time. We got stuck in a 3hr traffic jam in Virginia due to some mountain blasting. 15 miles in 3hrs. talk about a set back. I'm so glad we were able to push through and arrive safely for our reservation.
The hotel is nice, beds are very comfortable. however we are in a room right by the pool, which means lots of noise = very anxious barky dogs for us. :-[ I'm not sure if we should request a room not by the pool to save our own sanity or what. For now, I'm grateful for the 5hrs of sleep before we were woken up by outside noises.
Today I get to catch up with Mel and Erin in the late afternoon. I miss them and can't wait!