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birthday joy

Yesterday was Tristia's 21st birthday. We went to the Gay 90s and it was fun. There was a national title drag queen show going on so it was amazing. I have to say those queens were the best I have seen anywhere. I was so impressed with the outfits and the shows. It was just fantastic. Tris was too shy to talk to her Myspace friends that were there so we met no one new. oh well. Soon we will have a little community of friends.. i  am hoping.
Today I don't work and I can't explain how exciting it is to know that I don't have anything to do today.. except not die. We are still under a heat warning. It's been 102 degrees for the past 3 days. I just want it to rain or something and the temperature to come down so I can go for a walk or do something outside. It's too hot to do anything though.
Maybe I can find something fun to do while Tristia goes to her long interview at Boston Scientific. They are interviewing her to be an assembler of cathetirs and some devices they use in hearts. She would have to sign on for one year of work. 5 days plus overtime at 11.50/hr. woohoo. Seems like a sort of fun job. Looking through a microscope all day putting tiny things together.
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