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why i hate 3rd shift

I hate 3rds because i waste the intire weekend. On saturday i had the store meeting and then literally slept all day until 8 when i got up and went to see my mother. then i worked from 10:20-8am. an hour and a half later than i was supposed to b/c the manager decided to have family drama and made it in late. so here i was tired as hell and acting like a crack-hoe. i got 3 bagels stuck in the toaster and this lady was like 'what the hell why can't she toast them'. I dont know what my problem was. then i went to mom's/aunt sissy's and we talked about stuff and i fell asleep around 9am til 11am.. then i came home to pack shit up. gotta move out by tuesday is the plan. so that was fun times then back to sleep. eric and gary were supposed to come over and help me move the big stuff.. they didnt. another wonderful disappointment. fuck that. so at like 6:30 i got my ass out of bed and moved the shit that i could before i got totally tired. now i'm at the new apartment totally worn out and i am still tired..i have to take tristia her shoes b/c she needs them and she is at work. but i kind of want to take another lil nap. i didnt really sleep today at all. carrie wrote about being prementstrual, yea me too. i started yesterday and i'm having killer cramps.
I totally realized why i dont do the whole big family stuff anymore. because i dont get along so well with people so well. you should see the look on everyone's face when i said i do plan to have children. and of course today i was talking to my aunt about why was that such a shock to people. she says 'because you like girls'. so because i cant accidentally get knocked up then i am not supposed to be able to ever get knocked up? how fair is that really. blah. some people just dont get it.
i'm really excited about going to alabama. i can really use this little vacation to see everyone. megan is probably gonna be coming back with me. yay. i am also excited that i get to see tristia tomorrow i havent seen her since thursday :( tears
Gay Bear
Gay Bear

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