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HOROSCOPE for monday

Normally your sympathetic with both sides of an issue. Today, be objective. You're simmering over with something that you're not quite ready to share with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the world is about to ask for details. Ready?
You abandon your calculated approach and usually steady pace to make an impulsive dash toward the finish line. Speed and surprise work in your favor. Don't dwell on the magical appropriateness of your quick solution until after you've put it in place. The results meet your highest expectations. Save your breath, and let others do the cheering. Good news deserves repeating, even if you already know it by heart. Return to your friends or family -- this moment should be shared.
Well, there it is class. Caid said to me the other day that he felt that there was something going on with me/something i wanted to say that i just wasnt ready to share. I can't decide what it is, though. I am confused that now it's in my horoscope. I wonder if its the secret about.. or if its that i still have.. or that i'm talking to.. i dont know. interesting. I hope i get some good news, that would really brighten up my day. I also wonder what i am going to have to take sides about. i dont think i am doing much today but hanging with tristia and totally NOT organizing all the shit that i just moved. yea, im gonna take her to meet my mother today. that will prove to be fun times. the guys came over bright and squirrly when i was sleeping to move all my junk. we did it all in like an hour and i half. i have maybe 5 items left there, not including food and refrigerator stuff. i'll get it later probably. omg, i'm gonna chill for a minute before my boi gets here. peace.
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