BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

My Energy

The ebb and flow of your energy is extremely unpredictable right now, so don't commit yourself to anything too strenuous or physically ambitious. This is not the best day to start a new gym, join a sports team or go for a big hike. If you do, you might find yourself without energy right when you need it most. Instead, try for more relaxed activities where you can take a break when you need to. Your mind will be active and can help you stay focused.
* * *
Looks like today will be a clean up the house day and not a go for a hike day haha. Like I'd hike anyway. My energy has been sort of up and down lately do to all the bullshit in my life. Thankfully, things are pulling together quite nicely. It's really sunny here today with a wonderful breeze. I might just sit on the patio and read. I don't know. I need to run to the post office to mail some things out. Tristia's mother is also mailing us one of 'our books'. Basically she implies it's lesbian oriented by saying it's 'one of ours' and I'm dying to know what it is because we moved all the naughty adult materials here with us. So, its probably just a random book about lesbians or something. Apparently her dad 'found' it? how? unless you were going through our stuff that's being stored there? oh well. It will be a surprise to see what we get.
Oh, I took my tongue ring out 3 days ago. I decided I didn't want it anymore. After 5 yrs I'm done with it. Can you believe it? Feels so strange not having it in.

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