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days go by and still i think about you

yea so today was wicked interesting. Tristia came over and we went and ate and she met my mom. that was fun, mom told her that she was cute and that it was good that she kept a job. eh. then me and mom went to see uncle danny. he looks a little rough but all in all i think that he is going to make it just fine... it'll be a while though. So we then ventured to aunt amanda's where i enjoyed myself. michelle and uncle jesse were there so it was good times. we and michelle are cool buds. and she was like 'so i hear you have a hot girlfriend'. LOL so we talked about tristia and i was telling her about tom and so then we talked about trans and she actually got it, i think. she asked a lot in interesting questions and i was happy that i sort of knew what i was talking about. and it was nice, i havent seen her in a long time. i should make time to hang with her more. uncle jesse is my fave uncle so its cool talking to him. he is the family baby so he is young and cool. then aunt manda finally showed up at her own house and they talked about THE divorce, my pawpaw and stepgrandmother. That was boring as hell, tired of hearing about it really. Roshaunda kept calling all of us and so mom and i went to her house where i got sick. literally seeing her makes me sick sometimes. and i'm tired anyway so that was not helping my condition. she was a royal bitch to me and to my mom. so eventually, thank goddess, we were able to leave. YAHOO! and i dropped mom back with danny and i got a call from roxanne. we talked about family stuff and what happened to her at work this weekend. we talked about her gettin drunk a little too often. then my phone died so didnt get to finish. she wants to hang out when i get back. i dont know when, it sort of felt like she was really on me about hanging out. but thats ok. maybe this time i won't get hoe'd out. we'll see. i am nervous about alabama. scared of the people who hate me, scared of the people who know me. weird, i always get so damn uptight about going down south. it's like i dont know what to expect from friends and enemies. i'm weird that way. ok, enuff said. i dont know if i will get to update this while i'm away. so be good and watch out for my tristia while i'm gone. i love you, babe.

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