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notes from afar

Why do i love alabama so much? because the grass always grows and the trees are always in bloom. the mountains are tall and everything looks so peaceful. there is such a slow pace. i love the way everyone waves as you drive down the street and people nod like they know you.
Why i hate alabama? all the people I used to know have families now or are crystal meth heads. no one did anything with their lives but make babies.
Yea, today was fun. Last night megs came up to moms and we went and saw tara and got brownies. then i passed out, i was so tired. I slept until 10am today which is a first for me in a while. Then we got beautiful and went to see samantha (the one with 3 and a half kids). I hadn't seen her since Xmas 2001. So i got to see her kids, and find out she has one on the way. damn. I was like you are a baby making machine. She still NEVER has had a job. Her momma supports her. Then we went and saw Chris. See, chris was my best man friend all my years here. and he is like my brother. I havent seen him since last spring break and it was nice. he looks rough, he isnt happy, and i just want to stay here and fix all of his issues. i know he needs me. It was nice though. We talked about stupid shit then i headed to brandons. He is my highschool love, the only guy I ever really cared about. he didnt know that i was coming over. his mom let me right in and i went into his bedroom and he was like 'omg, hey girl'. It was nice. He has beautiful sea green eyes. We just sat on his bed and talked like we never missed a beat. so strange b/c i hadnt talked to him in a year or more. He told me about his girl and i told him about mine. we talked about roxanne and what happened. he was really cool. LOL its interesting seeing him now. we talked about him making me gay (a joke) and shit like that. it was good that he is so good with it now, b/c the last time we were together was when i came out to him 3 years ago. he gave me a good hug and his cell numbers. hopefully we will stay in touch. then we went to moms and slept for like 5 minutes and talked about sex. heh. good stuff. now i'm at megs about to get ready to go to Quest and to 729. Quest is a queer club in birmingham, the first club i ever went to and 729 is a lesbian bar. i even talked joe and samantha into coming out with us. I am really excited to go out. I hope to see some hot eye candy. MEOW! gotta love me some D.K's. yea, i read tristia's journal. sounds like my baby is being busy with work. I haven't talked to her today and thats sad. my phone gets zero service at mom's so i have to leave town to use it. and now i'm out of town so it'll be working til tomorrow sometime.
things are so relaxing here. just chilling out laying on the couch in PJ's. I love this. tomorrow i gonna see tara and probably go see spiderman 2 with my superman. see you laters. XOXOX

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