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why men suck

so, meg, dustin and i were supposed to venture back to flint tomorrow AM. He called like 30 minutes ago and is planning to leave at 10pm tonight, i dont think this is very fair. but its not like i can do anything about it. if i wanna make it back up there then i just have to suck it up and go. I havent had enough time with my mom. megs is skippin her bio class so that she can take me back to Grant (over an hour north) to spend more mom time. and then samantha and tara are gonna come up and see me. i feel sad. i feel like this trip has taught me a lot. I have saw a lot of changes in the people i grew with and i dont know how to react to that. when someone tells me that we have different priorities and that he doesnt understand me now. i can't help it that i grew up and most of the things that i talk about no one here could even remotely comprehend. so, we have stuck to talking about all the crackhoes and our highschool drama. i wish people could open their minds more to other ways of life.
i am excited to be home. i will be back at like noon tomorrow probably. maybe if anyone is not busy they might wanna hang out tomorrow night...? i know tristia cant (cry cry) but i know i have other friends out there somewhere.
anyway, lastnight was interesting. samantha didnt go. joe met us an the purple onion, weird lil restaurant place. and we all hung out and then we went to 729 first. lol, there were a handful of HOT babes there. me and megs were like woah. then we went to the quest, where for whatever reason, the dragshow was canceled we were sad. so we had a drink, mine was nasty, i wasnt happy. and then decided to go to waffle house. YUMMY! i love waffle house! and then i fell asleep on our hour drive back to gadsden. then sleepy time until tris called this morning. MADE ME HAPPY! i have needed to hear her voice, to feel a little normal. I feel like 2 different ppl here. I told mom that it's like when i come here i turn into someone that i'm not. i dont know why. I hope that i'm not weird when i get back to Michigan. i cant wait to be away from the rain here.
there is no place like home..

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