BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

I want to save you

"i want to save you" by something corporate
standing on the edge of morning
scent of sex and new found glory
playing as she's pulling back her hair
she drives away
she's feeling worthless
used again but nothing's different
she'd stay the night
but knows he doesn't care

home by three
deafening quiet
the porch light's off
yes they forgot it
she'd cry herself to sleep
but she don't dare
and she wants to be a model
she wants to hear she's beautiful
she's beautiful

i want to save you
i want to save you
i need you
save me too
i want to save you

dressed by dawn and out the door
no light
she memorized the floor
so she could leave without being detected
she works till three
it's uniform
she dreams that he'll come by the store
she prays for days
when boys mean she's protected
and she wants someone to see her
she needs to hear she's beautiful
she's beautiful

i want to save you
i want to save you
i need you
save me too
i want to save you

and she won't sleep
she won't sleep
and she won't sleep
at all

i want to save you
i want to save you
i need you
save me too
i want to save you
* * *
so yea, i was just reading through lyrics and i like these.. so now i have to go buy the CD that this song is on.. lol.. I just cant stop myself sometimes. If you just change all the he/him/his stuff to female version it makes more sense! grr.. i dropped my math class today.. finally. I havent been to that class in months, it was time that i stopped wasting time. It will hurt my GPA but i dont really care. I just wanna be out of school already. I dont have the patience to deal with many people. and the people i do have patience for are really busy and i cant hang with them. Last night Toni called me thinking she was calling Roxanne.. she was like 'when are you guys coming over' and i was like.. this is billi.. she laughed hysterically and told me 'oops, i meant to call roxanne'. OH GEEZ THANKS fuckers.. whatever. I dont care. wonder if it was intentional or whatnot. life goes on after all the bullshit i have realized. I havent hung out with sara d in a while, i miss talking to her and shit. seems like there is always something wrong but she never has the time to chill and talk about it. I need someone to talk to, ya know. Caid kicked Kitty out of the apartment, so now i am back to square one. If anyone gets lonely at night, you can come stay at my place. its weird being alone.. see.. it was always me and R there, and then she left so it was me and Kitty.. thankfully she is gone, but now i am alone again. and its weird. damn, i need a companion. lol. i havent lived alone in a while.. not sure if im ready.. or i could just have orgies like mad! i know some folks would get into that. but im not into sex with random gals.. i at least wanna know her for a while. then its better anyway!
talked to brandi last night for a while. interesting times. she lives in massachusettes with her fiance Francesca. thats cool. we talked about all sorts of things. it was really good times to hear her voice. she has changed a lot, and i think i have too. i have grown past all the shit we dealt with.
happiness is on its way, its official. summer/spring will be here any minute and I CANT WAIT! I always feel better in the sunshine months. so here goes everything.

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