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New Years Resolution..

I want to be back in Minnesota by New Years. i want to have my 24th Birthday there. I want to start something new with 2007 and I want to do it OUTSIDE OF FLINT ! Goodness I don't like living here at all. I love my friends, I would do anything for them. I hate Michigan though. It's not just the cold and snow,either, I know what you are thinking. lol. I want the city, I want the culture, I want that life. ( and I want to see Mel more than once a month) I have decided to  do all that I can in order to get myself back there before Christmas. I want to go with Mel back to Colorado to see her family and friends. That sort of trip with her is very scary for me. After all the craziness that has happened around here lately, i am scared I will be voted not enough for her. Am I being irrational? probably. who knows anymore.
Work is going famously, I couldn't have a better work situation. Tonight I am going out to the bar for a DRAG SHOW!! omg, I am so excited. Some of the sexiest kings I have seen are going to be performing.. *swoon swoon* YAY
I just finished writing Mel's friend about myself. he doesn't know much about me and wants to get to know me, which means a lot. So hopefully I won't be too nervous upon meeting him face to face. We will see.

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