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in the beginning..

seems like things are changing around here lately. in my head everything seems a little bit scrambled and i dont know what to make of it. I feel like i dont matter and i dont know exactly why its that way. just suddenly i feel a little lost in my little world. i have tried talking about it and i dont know if i am understood. grr.
anyway, tonight i am going to the triangle with a massive amount of people. it makes me smile to know that i am going to get to have fun with my friends and my grrl tonight. Tristia stayed with me last night and i really enjoyed it. We were up talking until like 2am which isn't like us at all. But it was nice and i learned some interesting things about her and her life in general. sometimes i feel like i don't even know her. so its reassuring to know that she is letting me in piece by piece. i think .. i dont know.. never mind that little thought. see you all tonight.
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