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nothing interesting happening since the last update. Everyone else wrote about the bar, so i guess i don't have to mention how fun it was. how tipsy I got and Janet Eamon pulled me onto the dance floor. LOL it was good times. There are a lot of people I want to talk to more, to get to know. I saw Amber G there and she leaves saturday for Chicago. She is transferring to be a store manager there.(she works at the Grand Blanc Speedway) Amazing, I haven't really seen her since we all went to Iowa and it was nice to talk to her. I am going to miss her, she was always there for me when I had problems. She was my best friend for a long time. So yea i am going to go to her going away party friday and see people I probably won't like. lol, thats how it usually goes ya know.
Saturday and Sunday I worked 3rd shift, so i didnt do very much. I went to PFLAG and to Travis (tris friend) open house and that was all. It was fun times. When i got out of work yesterday morning i ventured over to Burton and hung out with roxanne for like 2 hours talking about us, our new relationships, our friends. It was really nice, I forgot how good it was to talk to her and laugh and drink WAY too much coffee. We were at starlite, which was a little weird, but it was funny. we were talking about sex and this old man was sitting facing us and was just like 'wtf'. I was amused. So yea, we worked out some issues, talked about things we needed to say/hear and all is well. Free to go on with life, no questions. I think my curiousity has been satisfied. Then with my coffee high I had to go to Tristia's house at 8:30 ( i was a lil late) so we could do school stuff. And so her brother went with us to Baker and then to Atherton. I was so cracked out from being tired and drinking a pot of coffee. I felt like i was going to have a heartattack. I eventually went home to sleep for 2 hours then was lazy til i went to tristia's again. :) yay! we had fun and were silly. then somehow i managed to get myself home by 10:30 and i was so tired i wanted to cry. My head hurt and i know my equilibrium was so off. I think either Tristia or Dee got me sick b/c i feel crappy. My throat hurts and i can't breathe. I slept most of the morning and that was WAY nice.
tomorrow is movie night at mott, and so everyone should come 6pm in the prahl center. it will be FUN FUN times.

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