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Good Mornings

The past few days have been fantastic. Mel picked me up from Tristia's house at exactly 1:30am on Thursday. We went to her house and talked and cuddled and slept. We spent that day running errands and hanging out. We saw Pursuit of Happyness, too. It was a good, sad, cry movie. Then off to my house to chill and talk. YAY for late night talkings. Yesterday we got up and went to get her hearing aid that she broke and to Taste of Thailand. I was a Thai food virgin, I really like it. yay for new food selections. Liz and Elizabeth came over and we had to help Liz come out to Elizabeth. They are best friends and she was really nervous and wanted some assistance. It went well. We played pool and drank margarita's. woohoo for that. The girls left and we chilled in the hot tub for a little while. it's cold here so it was an interesting temperature change. lol. She hasn't seen Gone with the Wind so I am having her watch it with me. I love that movie! We didn't get too far into it last night because we got tired and went to bed. Now she is at work for about 16 hours. gonna be a long ass day for her. My plans today are to unpack all my stuff downstairs and organize my room. That should take about 16 hrs right. lol.
We have been talking about living together.. eek.. eventually. Probably by the time we both have all our money saved we will be ready for it. We have a few months, right? We have been apart for so long it sucks to think of not seeing one another all the time. Liz is going to be living with us, too. yeppers. It will be awesome times.
I am going to love living here with Richard and Craig. I love them to pieces. I am not even really worried about the situation being weird with Mel coming over and such. She is nervous but I feel fine. Life will be good.

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