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I was doing laundry this morning and found this pin sitting there. I swear it was screaming my name.. so i picked it up, and guess what. IT WAS GAY it says 'once there lived a beautiful princess.. and her butch lesbian lover' and it has 2 rainbow hearts on it. How cute?! so yea, its on MY purse now and i love it. I wonder whose it is, where it came from. It just made me smile. I only talked to tris for like literally 3 minutes today. she called me on her way out the door to traverse city. her family is gonna go stay there for a day or 2. so sad, i'll never get to see her again. sucks that she goes away when i have 2 days off in a row. so if anyone is really bored and needs a friend, i am here. i have nothing to do.. well except movie night tonight. no one is gonna come and i'm gonna be bored as hell alone. blah. i was thinking about seeing if anyone wanted to go out tonight and then i realized that i can't today. because my manager forgot to put payroll in so we dont get paid today like usual. our checks are gonna be overnighted so we get them tomorrow. blah. cry cry. and i need to save money anyway. i am behind on like everything. yea, it sucks. today is sort of nice out, for once its not super hot. it feels cool, and i look really cute today. i'm doing the new flipped out hair thing that everyone seems to just love on me. lol, gotta please my fans. okie, gonna go do something else now. have a great day people.
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my little horoscope:
All this talk leaves you eager for action, but everyone may just keep on talking. Strike out and formulate your own conversation. Take what you need and discard the rest. Accept this situation and strengthen your plans for next week. Your luck can change if you let it. Don't hang onto a way of doing things simply because it's familiar. You deserve far better. Restore your vitality with a pep talk and a makeover. Take charge of your life again. -

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