BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

# five hundred and a bit about diversity

ok, I am sure there are WAY more than five hundred entries here.. I have been a member for like 4 yrs. eek.
Life has been busy. Basically it's school and homework, school and homework. I see Mel but I make her read a book while I do my homework so that we are BOTH accomplishing things. heh. My brain hurts from all the reading sometimes but I know it's all for me so I do it. I am really into my theology and sociology classes. Today in soc we spent the entire class talking about the things going on at local colleges.. then we found out it's nationwide. Has anyone heard about these 'politically incorrect' parties? Apparently the students get together for a party and they represent groups of people .. well.. not in the best way. Apparently, around here, the students were dressed in KKK costumes and white people came in 'black face' which I had never heard of before. There were also minority students there in costumes making fun of other minorities .. this wasn't strictly racial based either. The LGBT community was being 'parodied' too. So, I don't know. I want to know who comes up with the idea with all of their friends to dress in costumes depicting people that general society would make fun of. It's popular since it's happening everywhere. I think it's a bit rediculous though. People seem surprised here because it's a private school and the students are expected to 'know better' and to be more 'tolerant' of people different from themselves. When asked to define cultural diversity today... the majority of my class didn't know what to say. They quoted the simple statements of 'to respect others who are different from us' and 'to recognize the different lifestyles'. heh. I think society is failing to teach diversity correctly if so many people are masking their inner feelings towards other groups of people. We are taught to act a certain way, to be politically correct, but we aren't REALLY changing our attitudes as a society.
what is our world coming too?

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