BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

and the word is.. GO

I have been working for a week. I can't say that I enjoy the job but it pays and I need money, so it's fantastic. lol. School is not getting any easier. It has been a month and I am still continuously up to my eyeballs in things to read and papers to write. At least I like my classes sort of so when I read I am actually digesting most of the information. I enjoy my Urban Sociology class the most because I am learning about my general area here and how people discriminate against one another based on if they are from St. Paul or Minneapolis. It's a very interesting phenomenon. 
I haven't really been involved in anything campus like. I went to a Spectrum meeting and was blown away by how unorganized and uninvolved they are on campus. I am not sure what to do in the group. How does a person participate in a group that doesn't do anything?! I could just call them out on being sucky and then see where we go from there hehe. YAY for STRUCTURED GROUPS. 
I have made some friends here and that is the best part of everything. Having friends is amazing..even tho I NEVER SEE THEM. lol. I really don't have time to chill. My free time is spent sleeping or hanging out with Mel. Our schedules are a little whack so we don't always have quality time. Good thing we both have Tuesday/Wednesday off each week. That is our time after I get out of class. 
We had a big snow fall over the weekend.. about 15 inches. Then a few more overnight. BLAH. My driveway looks interesting. With it being so high on the sides but snow plowed in the center.. it's like a small maze. FASCINATING. 
i still hate snow. 
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