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Mel and I are looking at apartments together. We toured one on Friday that DID NOT impress me at all. Tonight we are looking at another one that is in an area I know better so I feel more okay about it. I don't want to live completely away from everything I know, but that is really easy to do here. There is so much space, I don't know how anyone could learn all of St. Paul or Minneapolis. oh well. I love apartment hunting. It makes me so happy. I just like figuring out what I want in a place and then searching for just those things. We found 5 places that meet all of our requirements and price range. I so hope we find one that is near an expressway and that we both really like.
I was on Spring Break this last week, not that I did anything exciting. I worked 10 days straight and today is my first day off. It sort of sucks that my only day off is a Sunday, the day before I resume classes. So, I worked and read a lot. My homework for the week was to read Our Guys and I recommend it to everyone that has time to read something worthwhile. It is about a small town in New York where some Jocks rape a 'retarded' girl (that is their word, not mine) and the whole outcome of it. It is a true story, I remember watching the movie about it when I was younger. It has Heather Matarrazo ( i hope i got that right) in it, you know, the writer who gave Jenny a sucky review on the L Word (LOL) and she is gay in reality so woohoo. I loved the book, it got me to thinking a lot about my hometown and how things like that could get pushed under the rug. Sad sad.
Still looking forward to my trip to Alabama in May. I am so ready to get back to the small town life, sometimes I really miss it. I miss my mountain and my lake and my friends. I miss that there is grass all year around! lol. ok, i gotta get going, hanging out with Beth today. woot woot.

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