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yea blah

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today is lazy day, thinkin about going to the Zoo with the gang tonight. tris wont be back until tomorrow evening sometimes. THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! but yea, so i might be going out tonight i dont know. been in a sad mood today. Lila on General Hospital died and i'm all sad. Its not because of the show, you idiots. its because it made me think of when my gramma died and all that happened within the family and stuff. so damn hard. so here are the tears i never cry.
weird, i feel so distant. maybe its because i havent really hung out with anyone lately. i mean at the movie last night and then with kyle afterward. i just feel myself missing people. probably loneliness b/c tristia is gone and i haven't seen her in like 4 days. aww. i can't wait til she gets back. see you all later or something. peace
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