BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

hanging out

just been seeing everyone lately and i like it. i got back to life, i guess. tristia is home and that has made me happy!!!! she stayed friday and saturday with me, joy joy. even tho on saturday i was having my worst day ever! yea, but we went to ambers going away party friday it was awesome. seeing my old speedway crew. i miss workin in grand blanc. it was a good place. i am really gonna miss amber too, i hope that she is adjustin well in Chicago. i think tristia liked all those ppl too. on saturday we went bowling for Dee's bday. it was good times. we talked about funny stuff and dildo's. good times. then home to sleepy. ani difranco did a free concert in detroit that night. roxanne said she sucked tho. aww. that blows. and yesterday i worked, nothin interesting. matt called at 3am to leave me a drunk message about how much he loves me even tho we arent close anymore yadda yadda yadda. i'm like omg, why do ppl get drunk and call me? Justin Marco does it, too. its funny. ok, gonna go see tristia before i have to work. XOXO.. hope everyone is doing ok.
PS CJ AND CARRIE!! you guys need to hang out with me, i miss you. you never call me back :( *tears
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