BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

We went to Alabama for Memorial Weekend with my Amos family. It was a great trip and lots of great times.
We got Kittens while we were there. They are gorgeous tabbys. I will post lots of picturs of them soon. I saw soffabitch had posted pics of her cats and I was like AWW so I need to post some of my little  buddies. Gatsby is white and is 7 wks old now and Zaxby is grey and 11 weeks old. They have the same father and different mothers. Daddy cat got three cats pregnant at the same time. talk about a lot of kittens in the same house. holy moly! and they would feed from any mother, not knowing the difference between who birthed them. It was nice seeing the parents of them so get an idea of how beautiful they will be when they get older. We love them to pieces and they traveled SO WELL on the 20 hour ride home.
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