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Writer's Block: Who's in your neighborhood

Across the hall from me lives a woman and her young baby. I think the woman is in her late twenties and Hispanic. Her son is so cute and I never hear him cry. A few doors down there is a door with a sign on it with a picture of what looks like Jesus but might be some other religious figure and some scripture written below it. It's not in a language I know so I have no clue what it says but I always look at it on my way to the laundry room. I suppose I could write it down and try to get it translated online.
Below us are several singles and little families. I don't see much of anyone except for the male nurse because he always says hello to me. His apartment smells like food all the time.
When we go out side we see the guy from garage 26 a lot. Mel says he masterbates in his car, she has witnessed this. I have only saw him chilling outside scaring the crap out of me because I never see him sitting there parked beside me until it's too late. what does he do outside all the time?
Recently someone told me that I lived in the ghetto because my complex isn't white only. I live only 2 exits from downtown Saint Paul. The neighborhhood is quiet and nice and Maplewood is known for being a little 'uppity'. But, my apartment complex has such a variety of people, Hispanic, Somalian, white, Afrikan, etc and we are okay with that. In Michigan, I lived in a complex that was mostly white and after I moved out I found out they were sued for discrimination. No one there ever said anything about it being all white, it just was. I would rather get to know people who are different and not keep myself in a little hole of 'whiteness'. Slowly I talk to the neighbors when we are at the pool together. I don't want to be one of those people who is afraid of the people who are different.
Reading this book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is really intense with racial segregation against Hmong. There are are so many Hmong here and people can act like they took over their space or whatever. It's really sad. I wish everyone could open their eyes and see everything that is happening around us.
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