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billi, the busy LJ-er

I told you I'd get back into my LJ mode, Cole :) I have been joining communities on here for sending postal mail. I am now the proud member of book_swapping,getpackages, love4postcards, and
sendajournal. I am really excited about each of them.I am swapping out several good books right now and hopefully getting some awesome ones in return!! As for the packages group, I have 2 people I am swapping with - a man and a woman. So, I get to be creative and put fun things together. i really want to make a postcard collage or several to put in the livingroom (framed of course).  We have decided to find a really long picture frame to frame our bridge pictures or we are just going to buy mats for them. We will see. If nothing else, I will make some cool friends out of the groups and get some interesting things in the mail. If you know me, you know I like to get postal mail. It's hella better than email and makes me feel like people put effort into me. hehe.
Other than internetting way more than the average person, I have worked a lot. I had plans for every day this weekend and I slept through all of them. I couldn't sleep on Friday night AT ALL (again with the insomnia) so Saturday at work sucked. But I was able to sleep in the afternoon and I slept very well lastnight. I got pulled over today on my way to the bank for work. I had no idea what  I was getting pulled over for unless it was for talking on my phone. So, my infractions were that 1. he said I was texting ( I WASNT, I WAS ON SPEAKER PHONE) and 2. I don't have the front plate attached to my car. I had some issues with screwing it on so I just never did it and I can't get anyone else to fiddle with it either. I gotta get it fixed now, for serious. Then home and I caught up on a lot of packages/bookswap emails. and stalked my new LJ friends :) yay for the 5 of you I recently added, or who added me.
Now, for more rest and relaxation and time well spent thinking about presents to include in postal partners packages. hehe

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