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Today was supposed to be a work out and then hang out day.  rockstarmel wasn't feeling quite so active when we got up today so we settled for swimming most of the day. At least that was the plan. We went to Target to get some pool supplies: goggles, diving toys, sunscreen. We got home, got suits on, went downstairs, and POOL WAS CLOSED! I called the office to see if it was opening today because it was already 12:30pm and it's scheduled to open at 8am. grr. Friends were coming to swim with us too. So, I called them to let them know and they were just pulling up at our house. sad. So, we decided to go to their house and go to the beach! It was a lot warmer in the water than I had been expecting. Our pool isn't even that warm.. I thought the rain would have cooled it off, but no. Lake Calhoun was perfect today. Our beach ball blew away and the lifeguard made Parker deflate it. boo. oh well. It was a great few hours in the sun. Then Mel went to work and I got busy cleaning. We are reviving our Thursday night parties so I want everything to be clean. Also, Stephanie gets in next Tuesday and I really want the house not to be unorganized. I finally got around to putting all the 'important papers' into the filing cabinet thing I bought a few weeks ago. Now, I can access things more easily without going through drawers and boxes. Thank goodness for small things. I dusted everything and need to take the recyclables downstairs because it's now overflowing. blah. Sometimes walking down 3 flights of stairs is no fun.
The boys have been spectacular today. I love it when they are both cuddly and loving and CUTE!  Zaxby is learning to be more sociable. He tends to stay to himself lots of times while Gatsby craves the attention. silly kitties.

my little guys on the couch next to me

Gatsby LOVES shoes, especially Mel's old yucky shoes lol

Zaxby loves laying on my chest.

and he hides under the bed all the time

Gatsby is like a little parrot on her shoulder lol

At right this moment, they are cuddled together on the couch

well, they were until Gatsby got curious about the camera sounds.


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