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Mott College

so we have all been hearing that annoying radio commercial for mott college, right. the 'hi mom, cant come over, have to get over to mott college and register for fall classes' or 'yea i was looking up classes and decided to go to mott college'. ok, so it makes it all sound SO damn simple, right? yea, like you just go up to mott and tada they are on top of the game and they know EXACTLY what the hell is going on. well, no, they don't. i knew this when i first started here. but today i have spent the time trying to get tristia transferred and i just want to throw up. first of all, her transcripts that were SUPPOSEDLY mailed 10 days ago, aren't here, or are being reviewed. so yea, thats dumb. stupid Baker College and Atherton High. Then, baker had said to talk to mott about gettin all of her financial aid switched. when she talks to financial aid here, they say go online and do it. blah.. but now we are online, and there isnt like an option to EDIT the FAFSA to another school code, you have to RENEW the whole thing apparently. how annoying!!! so yea, nothing is as easy as it seems. on another note, i registered for classes and i am hoping that my financial aid comes thru sort of quickly so that the classes don't get dropped. i finally sent my financial aid out today.. lol.. it was dated over a month ago.. yea i've been procrastinating for whatever reason. grr
so i think we are giving up on this internet quest for answers. will see all later. i dont work tonight.. woohoo.. if anyone wants to hang out for a lil while. i have to work at 6am tomorrow but still i wanna hang out! hint hint all you queers out there
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