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Today Roseville is having their parade for Roseville Days. This means work is going to be insane busy. boo for that. We are grilling out hotdogs and having all these amazing outside things that we never do in order to feed the people. Maybe it will be a success, maybe not. I will only know in a few hours. Then tomorrow, Stephanie gets here. I am more excited than I can tell you. I am long overdo for seeing a michigan friend. It's been 6 months here in Minnesota. I miss my Michigan people more than you can imagine. Tristia flew to Flint to her brothers graduation party and is riding back here with Steph so that should be fun. Tomorrow I am having a little party/get together. so, i hope that steph and tristia get here at a decent hour. Stephanie is driving to Michigan from Georgia right now. she just spent about 10 days down there with her highschool friends. What an exciting life she has haha.
Lastnight we went to see Ocean's Thirteen after the Vixen booth closed at pride. I really enjoyed the movie. It was a nice date out. We spend a lot of time at home trying to save money. Paying off all our new furniture is top  priority right now. Yep, we are homebodies. I don't really mind it though because I get to relax and read. i am almost finished with my book which is good because I have about 5 books coming in this week to read for my swapping group. lol. I am such a dork.
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