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I was messing around on yahoo and came across these lists and just wanted to share them for amusement purposes.

Top Ten Most Lesbolicious Songs Ever! (and why some guy chose them)

  1. Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts “Hard rock with no gender-switching – it’s why Carmen (and we) love Joan…”
  2. I Kissed a Girl by Jill Sobule “It didn’t take much prodding…
  3. Secret Love by Doris Day “When the box office beauty sang ‘My secret isn’t secret anymore,’ mid-century modern women swooned…”
    1. Constant Craving by k.d. lang “A lesbian-chic anthem for the ‘90s from Southern Alberta’s favorite big-boned gal…”
    2. I'd Much Rather Be with the Girls by Donna Lynn “Even girl group-era girls knew who was more fun…”
    3. My Secret Love by Miss Lily Banquette of Combustible Edison “Co-written by out lesbian Lesley Gore for a character based on her in the 1996 movie ‘Grace of My Heart’…”
    4. In Private by Dusty Springfield “The perils of the closet – penned by Pet Shop Boys – from a woman who ultimately refused to stay in hers…”
    5. I'm the Only One by Melissa Etheridge “In 1993, Melissa said ‘Yes, I Am’ and she still is. But she is so NOT the only one. Doria calls this ‘restraining order music.’ How lesbian! How hot!”
    6. Lick It by God-Des & She “An anatomy lesson from ‘The L-Word’s’ favorite lesbian hip hop duo that leaves gay boys with their fingers in their ears, screaming la-la-la…”
    7. Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food Mama) by the Andrews Sisters “Same seafood, 69 years earlier…”
Top Ten Lesbian Make Out Songs
1.  Something to Talk about by: Bonnie Riatt
2. I'll be Your Shelter by Taylor Dayne
3. Return to Innocency by Enigma
4. Essence by Lucinda Williams
5. The Promise by Tracy Chapman
6. Alright by Kinnie Starr
7. Make Yourself Comfortable by Sarah Vaughn
8. This House by Jasper James
9. Kiss that Counted by Catie Curtis
10. Do I Move You by Nina Simone
* I only  know 3 of these songs.. lol*

Top 30 lesbian/bisexual musicians of all time

1. Melissa Etheridge is perhaps the best know lesbian singer of our time.

2. The Indigo Girls are a folk pop duo who have been uncompromising in their

3. k.d. lang was one of the first artists to come out after rising to fame.

4. The Butchies are Kaia Wilson, Melissa York, formerly of Team Dresch and Alison Martlew.

5. Tribe 8, the lesbian queercore band’s wild stage antics earned them a huge punk following.

6. Alix Dobkin released Lavender Jane Love Women in 1973, the first overtly lesbian album ever.

7. Cris Williamson is one of the early pioneers of lesbian music.

8. Janis Ian won two Grammy awards and married her long-time partner in Canada.

9. Janis Joplin was not out about her bisexuality, yet she was known to have affairs with both men and women.

10. Tracy Chapman’s sexual orientation remains a secret, but many believe the folk revolutionary is a lesbian.

11. Sweet Honey in the Rock was founded in 1973 by Bernice Johnson Reagon, the all black women’s group sings acapella, except for percussion instruments. They have seen more than 20 women pass through the group over the years, many of them lesbian and bisexual.

12. Me'Shell NdegeOcello, the out bisexual bass player was discovered and promoted by Madonna.

13. Le Tigre are punk rockers with a feminist edge.

14. Team Dresch, queercore revolutionaries rocked the lesbian nation in the 1990s.

15. Tegan & Sara are lesbian twin sisters, quickly making their way up the charts with their hit “Walking With a Ghost.”

16. Melissa Ferrick is an out lesbian rocker with a devoted fan base.

17. Joan Armatrading. Is she or isn’t she? We’re not sure, but she did write one of the best lesbian love songs ever: The Weakness in Me.

18. Ani DiFranco is a positive feminist bisexual folk/rocker.

19. Sleater Kinney. Half of Sleater Kinney is queer....Carrie and Janet are, Corrin is not.

20. Ferron is the one of the best songwriters of all time. The Boston Globe said, “Someday they will call (Bob) Dylan the Ferron of the 60s.”

21. Laura Love is a Seattle based vocalist, bassist, and songwriter.

22. Billy Tipton, technically a transgender musician, was a longtime veteran of the jazz circuit who only in death was revealed to have been a woman and spent her life passing as a man.

23. Ma Rainey was known as Mother of the Blues.

24. Gladys Bentley was known as the Bulldagger who sang the Blues.

25. Bessie Smith, The "Empress of the Blues" had affairs with both men and women.

26. Joan Jett became a star with her 1982 hit, I love Rock and Roll.

27. Dusty Springfield scored big with her hit Son of a Preacher Man in 1968 and came out as bisexual in 1971.

28. Vickie Randall is the percussionist for the Tonight Show Band.

29. Meg Christian was one of the co-founders of Olivia Records.

30. Holly Near is an activist and musician who's music has an incredible influence on the peace and justice movement.


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