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day off

Lastnight I met one of Mel's college friends. After all these months, I have not met any of her friends outside of football people. So, it was nice and Shawna is amazing. Hopefully I will enjoy her friend Kyle just as much.  We did play Bingo last night and we had some awesome punch that I made. YAY.
I don't work today so it's basically SUCKED. I slept late and then we watched The Painted Veil, an Edward Norton flick. It was really good and a crying movie. Then I mailed off some postcards, a letter, and Draco's package finally. I wrote the wrong zipcode on it yesterday so I had to correct it and get it back out in the mail for real. :) YAY. I am becoming a regular at the post office, I think. I spent $25 there yesterday sending out things. Sometimes it sucks to be sending things international lol. But it's good because I also get things in the mail. *woo hoo*
back to downloading...
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