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tristia's bday

today is her birthday so i'm having a party. I hope that some people come. no one has let me know, so i have no idea what is going on. just trying to make it through the day. been working all first shifts which is weird for me who does 2nd and 3rd. whatever though. The other day while i was working tris cleaned and it was nice. she got me 3 roses and a lil bouquet of daisies with the glitter on them. It was really nice, and the card she bought was adorable. it was cute coming home to that. :) it made my week. I don't know why she is so nice all the time. definitely takes some gettin used to. I don't know how to deal with it sometimes. I talked to emily yesterday and she isn't hangin with the same crew. weird, how people change and stupid situations pull people apart.
yesterday i was feeling really yucky at work and so sara gave me 2 painkillers (some prescription stuff). and like an hour later i was berserk. I was light headed and felt really weird. my eyes were killing me, things were shaky. so then i was like 'i need to sit down'. I went in the office and started having a fucking panic attack for no reason. I was crying all over the place, couldn't calm down. Everything felt out of place. I couldn't concentrate. So I called tris and we talked for a minute. then i went back to work. every time i blinked it felt like my eyelids were weighing 20 pounds. it was horrid. then the vomitting started. and i just wanted to go home, and i ended up working like 20 minutes over. so for 4 hours of work i was near death. i went home and relaxed though.. dont know how i managed to drive myself there with my eyes not in focus. OMG, thankfully tristia came over and it was nice and i started to feel better.she makes me smile. I got a lot of sleep that i have been missing. went to bed WAY early. but yea thats my story on why NOT to take other people's drugs. it can hurt you. and make you feel icky. hope to see you all later
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY Tristia Marie!!

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