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boring weekend

work work work.. makes me a tired Billi.
but I made brownies tonight and I can't wait for them to cool so I can eat them. I decided to top them with butterscotch chips so we can see if they taste yummy.
I am sitting in the office and looking out the window. The sky is yellow. It is making everything look sort of strange. We are under a severe storm warning and it's been raining. I hope we don't get blown away. By we I mean me and my cats. Mel is at work. hehe. It rained a lot last night and the wind was horrible and knocked down lots of trees. All the potted plants outside the complex I work in were knocked over with soil everywhere. :( and they are those huge life size pots. Someone had to come pick them up because it was all too heavy for me. boo.
I finally have a volunteer assignment and I am really excited to start doing things in my community more. Especially before school starts and I get really stressed. I start volunteering this week and the Feline Rescue!! yay. They are hosting a bookfair on the 25th so they need help sorting books and then need help during the bookfair. I think it will be an awesome something to do. Me loving books and cats = YAY YAY YAY.
The boys were loving on my tonight which made me super happy because usually they are only cuddly with mel. They kept me up for 2hrs last night playing with their food which made me psycho and I took the food bowl away from them because I couldn't bear the sound of it anymore. and now they are being adorable.
I love them so much!
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