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roommate aquired!

Tom has been staying with us this weekend because he had orientation for the University of Minnesota and was only here for 2 days. The housing department is returning his money to him and let him know that they aren't able to give him a dorm! So, he has been scrambling trying to figure out where he will live, what he can afford and if he will need to work or if student loans will cover him for the year. It looks as though he will get a parttime job and we've agreed to let him stay here for 2 months. Hopefully he will be able to find a place by then.     I love Tom, he his one of my dearest friends, and I hope that him living with us isn't horrible.
My concerns: (1)my past roommate experiences have been up and down and I don't want fights about space and my stuff vs your stuff.  (2) we could get fined if they find out he is living with us. (3) I don't know where to put all of our stuff that currently resides in the office, which will be his room. He is bringing everything- bed, desk, whole shebang. Where am I going to put the futon! (4) I will get used to having the extra money that he will be giving us for rent and then it will be hard to let it go. lol
It will be nice having him around when Mel is off on away games and having him around will mean that I spend less time with certain people that I tend to fall into hanging out with out of habit.
Today I emailed my professors to get a list of books because the bookstore is under new management now and they don't have any books in yet and it's 2 weeks until school starts! blah.  My philosophy class requires 7 books.I think I am going to die. All the reading this semester is seriously going to KICK MY ASS. I might take out larger student loans next  year and live off that money instead of trying to work and school. Especially with how intense my courses seem to be getting.
i am feeling stressed.. can anyone tell!!
ps, where is the cheapest place to buy used textbooks online?

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