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For some insane reason, I always wake up at 9am. Almost RIGHT ON THE DOT 9am whenever I don't have to set an alarm to wake up. Regardless of when I went to sleep, I am up at 9am. BOO Lastnight we went to this really good restaurant, The Independent, which I had never been to. Our food was AMAZING I really enjoyed myself. We went out to eat late so we weren't home until about midnight (mel got turned around for like 45 minutes before she could find where highway 94 was lol) Then the sleep. We are going to WAC today and i had planned on sleeping a little later but no. It's 9am and I am up - again. On the UP UP UP side, today is the first sunny day we have seen in almost 2 weeks. It will be a fantastic day to go to the Art Center. I am really excited now.
We also made our first trec to the State Fair yesterday and it was awesome. Lots of vendors, lots of animals, amazing food selection.. hehe he. Then we worked the Vixen booth. I got to talk to some of her teammates which made me happy because I wanna get to know them some more otherwise it's just awkward silence whenever I am around. I think they will grow on me and me on them. I am going to one of their fundraisers this weekend while Mel is at work. So, that will be a test.
aight, gotta get ready
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