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labor day

It's Labor Day and it's almost 5am. I have to be to work at 5:30am. I guess I should start blowdrying my hair and head out the door. However, I am so unmotivated today. I am coming down with a summer cold AND my cyst is inflamed again. So, my throat is killing me, I can barely breath, i have no energy to function and even if I did my tailbone hurts so bad I don't want to do much but lay down and cuddle my kittens. But, I will be alright, go to work, do my time, come home and indulge is some soaps and then try to sleep this icky feeling away. That would be my hope at least.
Mel is probably going to apply for some other overseas jobs. Last night the Korean company called her, and should be calling back today. because of the time difference the representative called at like 11pm. She was like ' who the hell calls this late'. he had a very strong accent, I hope she can understand him on the phone. With the hearing loss it isn't always easy for her to understand accents or fast talking, and this guys voicemail was deeply accented and it ran together, i had a hard time hearing what he was saying. But yay! Within 10 days she is supposed to know something from the Nova company in Japan. hurrah.
I met some of her college friends on Saturday at her game. I love them. I wonder how we haven't all hung out before. Shauna and Kyle are really rockstars and they make me laugh a lot. Some of my crappy friends went to the game with me, on my invitation, and ended up sitting on the WI side because someone's mother was playing for the Wolves and they wanted to sit with them instead of me and I am still sort of frustrated. I guess I know who to NOT invite to come to games with me from now on.
i really gotta get ready now!

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