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First day of class is complete.

Criminology is going to be interesting with SO MANY students. the professor is funny so it will make the hours go by. Philosophy of 20th century is going to be really hard for me. i haven't had a philosophy class in ages. So, I am BEHIND but with Tom and Mels help hopefully I can get it all worked out without failing. My research methods course is going to be intense too. The up side of this is that tonight he married us to our partners for the year. the girl that I got assigned to is also in Criminology so YAY. maybe I get a new friend. Tomorrow I have Crime and Justice and I hope it doesnt' suck. He already emailed us and told us to know the constitution for tomorrow.. so i am working on that. and i have to read some articles and stuff for tomorrow. ugh.
rockstarmel has her interview with the Korean school she potentially could be at later tonight. It is exciting and nerve racking. She could be leaving in NOVEMBER!! Her recruiter is a sweetheart who has answered every question that she possibly can and offers all sort of help. It's sort of nice having a person to ask all the questions to.
 i will keep everyone posted on how this goes.
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