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bleck. korea. hamline. bleck.

bla bla bla
interview. They want rockstarmel to go as soon as possible. I say she isn't going until all the paperwork is set because I don't want her getting in any trouble for working without a work visa. deportation does NOT sound fun.
bla bla bla
I can't believe she will actually be going for an entire year. We have only known eachother a year and now we will be seperated for the same amount of time. But, we found eachother once, we can find eachother again, right? How much can a person change when they are away for a year in a country we know so little about? I guess I will soon find out.
She will be teaching 5-14 yr olds in a private school if she goes to work at the school that interviewed her lastnight. So, it shall be interesting. It will feed the teacher in her, she craves teaching those who want to learn.
good for her.
* * *
meanwhile, i will be drowning in books by people i haven't heard of, learning how to research, and broadening my philosophical horizons.
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