BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

My Crime and Justice class is going to be amazing!! I already like my professor and I think the more that we get into stuff the more I will enjoy it It just sucks that I only have his class one night a week. 3 hours actually goes by rather quickly when you are keeping one another entertained.
Mel goes to Los Angeles tonight and won't be back until early Tuesday morning. It's okay because Tom is here now and I have homework and actual working to do. It was so weird having so many days off this week. It's definitely going to free up time for homework and school things. that is super nice.
today  i get to be lazy because it's a hamline holiday = no classes. it's usually the last Friday of every  month but this month its the first friday. yippee. I am about to go to the bank and then go buy one of my  philosophy books that i HAVE to have right away. I can wait on the others until a week or so.
it's finally cooling off, i can smell fall. I love it. it will be nice going to football games when it's chilly outside, i love that. i love wearing hoodies and pants and drinking hot chocolate every day. Life is getting good!!
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