BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

my bar story

tonight wasnt too great. I mean my friends were there and it was like woohoo drag kings but i felt really weird. maybe because its the first time in my life i was at the bar without my significant other. it just seemed weird to not have a grrl with me like that. eh, i made it tho. ashton (jaime) was really good and so was justin (real name?) but Apollo won instead which was a SHOCK! i have no idea how in the hell that worked out. So many ppl were screaming for her and i was like 'what the fuck'. Her shit was not that whack. She wasnt very good at all. PlayBoy was in girl clothes and it was scary, something i won't ever forget. Totally had cleavage and everything If she had long hair and stuff she might actually make a cute femme but damn. ah, so home now after stopping at taco bell.
INFO: The Gay Straight Alliance at Mott is gonna be showing Different for Girls on August 17 (tuesday) at 6pm in the Prahl Center. EVERYONE is invited. I hope to see all you homosexuals and straights there. We are doing it on tues instead of wed b/c wed is a busy night with rehearsal for the Zoo Benefit and all that jazz.
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