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moments of wakefulness

I am aware and awake for the time being. I don't think that I am going to make it to PFLAG today, I am going right back to bed after this. My wrist is killing me, I dont know what the fuck i did to it. So, when i got out of my shitty 3rd shift I took Tylenol PM and passed out. didnt even hear dee and the baby get up and go to church.. that's amazing for me b/c Jordyn always comes to wake me up when they get up. So yea. I am super groggy and am gonna eat something yummy in a minute. I hate that i get to sleepy working nights. its makes the days just disappear, truly. Tristia will be home today. YAY for that. it seems like ages since I have seen her and its only been like 9 days. Maybe i can even see her tonight b4 i have to work.. depends on when she gets home. eh.. I want a croissant.. damn burgerking doesnt do breakfast at noon..

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