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for the first time ever i actually got out of work EARLY on 3rd shift. never am i out even 1 minute before 6:30 am. so yea, i FINALLY was able to get the corrections on my FAFSA made and got myself eligible for aid. omg, after 2 weeks of fiddling everyday, today it finally accepted my corrections. No more Billi drug conviction!! YAY! so maybe i can go to school now. I only have til the 30th Mott said to get it straightened out or my classes get dropped and that would be sad. *tears* Lets hope this goes through in a timely fashion. I need to get around to applying to the schools I want to start in winter. I've taken all that mott has to offer me so I have to go somewhere else and challenge myself.
My problem lately is things are too easy. I realized this talking with tristia last night. everything in my life is so simple, snap of the fingers done. My job is the least challenging thing ever. The hardest part is not throwing coffee on the Prestige people. I can't wait for school to start so that my mind will be busy, somewhat. I'm thinking about looking for a new job, too. Something stimulating. I am sick of customer service, and baking! omg, I hate working with food. So yea, my plan is get back in school and look for a more stimulating job. I have talents and many wonderful qualities, I have to find the right job to let it all come out. Speedway just isn't doing it for me. I am going into political science so maybe i should try and do something with the judicial system or get involved with a campaign.. sounds interesting yes? I have to do a lot more thinking. and believe me i have been thinking every second of the last 9 days.
going to mott in like an hour to help tristia get her books and show her where all of her classes are. Its gonna be fun for her to go from the RTC to her other classes. definitely gonna be an adventure. lol.
I told Sandra that once school starts i dont want thirds anymore. She says 'well sometimes'. and i say no because I am going to school 5 mornings of the week. that leaves fri and sat nights to do 3rd. HELL NO! and she says, well you can do it every once in a while. I told her that I would rather not, I hate thirds and I need a life. So, fuck it. She can't very well make me work those shifts. Its bullshit. She doesnt make chris work weekend 3rd anymore b/c he has a 8-5 job 5 days a week. how is that right? FUCK SPEEDWAY!
(psst.. tired and cranky. woohoo..)

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